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3 lb. 4 oz. of Organic Essiac blended herbs in THIRTEEN (13) 4 oz. sealed/labeled packets

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3 lb. 4 oz. of Organic Essiac blended herbs in THIRTEEN (13) 4 oz. sealed/labeled packets
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Thermal-Sealed and Labeled polybags of organic essiac blended herbs. Eight herb essiac formula. 
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Rating Great product!
My wife has cancer and we ordered the essiac tea. I chose to take it along with her for support and figured it could help me to, you never know. I have a few 'liver spots' on my hands that I don't like and after the second week I noticed that the spots had changed. The spots were getting lighter and smaller. It makes senses though, because the tea helps to detox the liver and now a few months later they are barely visible! You really have to know where they are to find them...AND my wife had been doing a lot of alternative treatments and had her tumor removed but it had spread to her lymph system. she was just declared cancer free! I am pretty sure it was a sum of everything she was doing but we believe the tea helped as well.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Holland Michigan. - 4/17/2017
Rating A must for anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer
It's been 5 years since my diagnosis and I still drink this tea 3 times a day. I'm cancer-free and I have Essiac Tea to thank!
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Reviewed by:  from California. - 8/14/2017
Rating Huntington Barclay
I can't say enough about your product. Not only did it deal with my prostate cancer but last Fall I went to visit a friend who was dying of bladder cancer which had spread throughout his body.He'd been on chemo, etc., all to no avail. I talked him into trying the tea.Six weeks later when I checked in he was cancer free and going to the gym. Need I say more? I'll be back for more.. for use as detox on a regular basis.
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Reviewed by:  from Silver Lake, NH. - 1/4/2018
Rating RN
I have found this tea so very helpful in returning my energy. I suffered from some sort of exhaustion for the better part of a year and no other medicine or remedy made any difference. After a week on the tea I felt better and after three weeks I was back to my old self. Now I am never without my dose a day! I carry it with me on trips and brew it wherever I go
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Reviewed by:  from Langley, Washington . USA. - 12/7/2017
Rating not available
I thing it helps. Had a problem trinking it at the beginning because I had a strong problem wit nauseas just after the treatment with chemio. Now I have start with 2 to 3 portions a day and still waiting on the positive impact. My aim is 6 a day. I found it a good idea to put "50 $ value" on the parcell because so I hadn't to go ang and get it at the custom like last time. It saved a lot of time. Great!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Esslingen, Germany. - 8/30/2017
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